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£14.50 £17.40 / 1-7 days
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£14.50 £17.40 / 1-7 days
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  • Black base and seat makes it a versatile hire chair for many workspaces
  • Easy functions let you adapt the chair to your height
  • Armrests boost stability and ergonomics of hire chair
  • Curved and padded office chair seat means long events are comfortable
  • Create a more cohesive team with smooth mobility function
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Carbon Footprint

  • Manufacturing this product on average creates 39.598 kgCO2e (kg of carbon dioxide equivalent). Fulfilling your requirements by hiring instead of purchasing, you are looking at a much smaller carbon footprint: 0.04 kgCO2e . Thank you for being part of the solution to saving our planet.
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Black office chair with arms: Bringing ergonomics to your office

We are dedicated to getting our customers the best hire chair for their company and events. Our black office chair with arms is a fantastic-looking hire chair that has a modern design, which can maintain the current appearance of your office, conferences and meetings. When you’re also keen to prioritise comfort, this product line would be the ideal chair hire choice for you.

Top benefits

You can’t go wrong by hiring our black office chair with arms for your office when quality and comfort are the most important aspects of your hire chairs. Its black base and seat fit into lots of different working environments, and can give your conferences, lectures and boardrooms the professional edge.

Hire chairs to impress

Impressing clients with our professional hire chairs is a great way to leave a fantastic impression in your customers’ minds, but you also want them to enjoy the experience too. We’ve been very careful to make sure our selection of online hire chairs are presentable but great to sit on too, and our black office chair with arms is one of the most comfortable that we stock.

Smart and adaptable

A great benefit of this black office chair is that it can be used at events where you’d like a ‘uniform’ appearance with your hire chairs promoting a professional image, such as at large corporate exhibitions where hundreds of chairs are smartly lined up. Although the black office chair with arms look similar to each other, these hire chairs can actually be adapted to suit individuals.

These functions include adjustable seat back height and seat tilt feature. These hire chair features are very easy to use, you can be confident that when delegates decide to adapt the black office chairs to suit their frame, they won’t be grappling with buttons but instead using the smooth lever functions.

Modernise your office with hire chairs

Our chair hire UK clients can browse our online system to find chairs that are ergonomically made, which including our black office chair with arms thanks to its adjustable features. As well as this, the hire chair also offers good lumbar support and a curved seat, so its a natural fit for the spine. This chair hire product gives you the opportunity to introduce ergonomics into your office at affordable rates. In just one visit to you can choose, order, pay for and arrange delivery of your hire chairs in four steps, with next day delivery available across the UK.

Mobility features for an interactive office

Interaction is a great tool for getting feedback at conferences, and to encourage communication at your workplace. Training sessions are another location where it can prove helpful to get a trainee’s perspective on your tutorial and get groups working together.

Chairs that are difficult to move might stop this process from happening naturally, so if hire chair mobility is a factor for you then our black office chair is a good choice because of its stable, five-star base that can be securely moved while sitting down thanks to its wheels.

Ideal for:

Stability and style are major features of our black office chair. Its smart, professional appearance makes this hire chair a popular product for boardrooms, conferences and areas where you come into contact with your clients, such as meeting rooms, training rooms, receptions areas and beauty spas.

Our affordablechair hire rates make it easier for our clients to place large orders, with long-term chair hire deals also giving you the chance to make our black operators chairs a more permanent fixture in your call centre, office or education centre.

Weight 13.00 kg
Height 1020 mm
Width 620 mm
Depth 620 mm
Seat Depth 440 mm

Can I only hire this chair in black?

No. They are available in black and blue, with or without arms. They are commonly hired for office or corporate environments. With thousands in stock we can accommodate expanding offices or start up businesses. Hiring is extremely flexible and does not require large capital outlays.

Would this hire chair be a good fit for meetings too?

Yes. This is a very versatile hire chairs that fits really well into general office space but many other location too – such as boardrooms, call centres, educational institutions and receptions.

What's the advantage to choosing the model with arms?

The arms add to the ergonomics of this model, giving a great level of support that complements the other ergonomic features of this hire chair, such as the adjustable height and tilt of the seat back.

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