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Our white Eiffel style chairs don’t really need any introduction - just a quick look reveals all the style and grace they have on offer, for fantastic rates too!

Oh la la!

We’re always adding new products to our online portfolio, in order to keep offering you the best in chair and table rental. Like any industry, it’s important to always refresh what’s available and give modern, ambitious companies premium, contemporary furniture rental choices.

When you choose our white Eiffel style chairs, then you’re selecting a product that ticks all of these boxes and more! This item from our chair hire range joins several others that actually have their roots in the past. By this, we mean they were originally launched years and years ago, but have remained popular ever since.

Getting graceful

Other than our Eiffel style chairs, products that also offer a timeless sense of style and grace, are our corbusier sofas, Keeler chairs and our Swan chairs. When items endure through the decades, it makes sense that we offer them to our customers, so they’re able to fill their venue with iconic elegant seating.

Eiffel style chairs - also referred to as Eames seats - have a very robust moulded base, shaped for comfort, and a graceful metal leg design, much like it’s namesake the Eiffel Tower! These features of this product all combine to create exceptionally stylish seating, with a very important benefit - it’s affordable too.

Where style and affordability meet

Made from a very durable plastic, the seat is very hardy, and because it can be produced in large quantities from cost effective material, then it suits customers who are preserving their budgets. The metal legs are also very strong and robust, meaning this chair is stylish but also very practical and versatile!

So, you’ve ordered some exceptionally stylish rental chairs - what next? Well, we won’t let you down when it comes to ordering matching products for your event/location. The white finish of our Eiffel style chairs complements many other items we have in stock, for example, if you want to provide modern meeting areas, then you can team these seats with our white bistro tables, for a fresh, light look.

Chic venues in seconds

We have lots of other products with a similar finish, including cube seating, corbusier sofas and coffee tables - so when elegance and style is essential have a look at our online portfolio - we can even deliver to your London location today or tomorrow.

Weight 5.00 kg
Height 840 mm
Width 460 mm
Depth 490 mm

What tables match your white Eiffel chairs?

A great match for this product line are our bistro tables - choose from white, black or chrome finishes depending on your preference.

Can I stack these chairs?

Because of the leg design, these chairs can’t be stacked. For ultra stylish seating that can be stacked, why not take a look at our Keeler chairs instead.

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