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£228.10 £273.72 / 1-7 days
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£228.10 £273.72 / 1-7 days
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  • Super chic white finish
  • Sink into oversized cushions
  • Three different sizes in stock
  • Chrome frame is very modern
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Add luxury to locations

When you’re looking for office rental furniture, soft seating might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but sofas are fast becoming one of the must-have furnishings where your business is concerned!

Corbusier bonuses

The great bonus about installing hire sofas on your company’s premises is that this kind of seating is really versatile, and thanks to its very elegant design, it also makes a fantastic impression on both your guests and your colleagues. Feel free to install them in any location within your company, with receptions, lounges, meeting rooms, senior management offices all being popular places for our corbusiers, as well as bars, restaurants, hotels, exhibitions and galleries.

1920s style

So what are the other advantages to ordering soft seating - and how could our two seater white corbusier benefit you? As we touched on above, this item has a fantastic look to it,one that has actually been around for decades, as the first corbusier of this type was originally launched in the roaring 20s!

The fact that the cube design of this seating has remained popular to this very day, reflects its timeless looks and appeal. It makes just as strong an impression as it did back then, thanks to the angular lines, chrome frame and inviting supersized cushions.

Sinking in

Installing modern looking furniture in your venue or business premises can reflect really well on your event or company, as it gives a modern appearance and vibe to your brand. You’ll appear cutting edge and like an organisation that moves with the times. Another important aspect to your hire furniture, is how comfortable it is. A great design gives off a contemporary vibe, and backing this up with high comfort levels can make an even better impression.

Special sparkle

All sofas in our corbusier range offer ultimate comfort and are fantastic to relax on. This is down to the large cushions that both mould around sitters and provide support at the same time. These great features combine to result in a deluxe product that makes it a really popular option for those special occasions and locations, such as VIP events, red carpet parties and executive areas.

Because we have several products in this range then you can order a selection of different sizes from two finishes - black or white. In addition, we also have lots of other cutting edge furniture with a black/white finish, such as our Keeler and Eiffel chairs, as well as our poseur and bistro tables - so you’re able to match products with ease.

Weight 34.00 kg
Height 670 mm
Width 1300 mm
Depth 700 mm
Seat Depth 540 mm

Do you have tables that’d match this range?

Yes. We have coffee tables with an oak finish, which complement the modern design of our corbusier range.

Is the finish easy to keep clean?

It is - simply wipe the leather finish with a damp cloth to remove spills.

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