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£30.09 / 1-7 days
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  • Modern fabric finish
  • Offers seating for two
  • Large comfy cushions
  • Perfect height for coffee tables
  • Versatile, reliable seating
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Sophisticated Soft Seating For Two

Offering different kinds of seating can really add to the versatility of your venue, and our 2 seater natural sofa is a very comfy and modern option.

Comfy - and that’s for starters!

When we see sofas, we usually associate them with comfort and relaxation, and if you’d like to add some down time options to your event/venue then why not consider our sofa hire range? Almost any location could benefit from rental furniture that gives your guests a chance to unwind and relax. Traditionally we’re used to seeing sofas in places we associate with some downtime, like cafes, restaurants, lounges, and hotels.


These are all popular places for our 2 seater natural sofa range. The oversized cushions are really inviting, and once sitting down you feel like you’re sinking into them, soft yet supportive, they're exceptionally comfy. It makes sense that sofas are also installed in places where relaxation makes a nice change from hard work. For this very reason, lots of other premises like to order from this product line.

Make space work for you

They can be a great addition to work break areas, giving colleagues a chance to destress on breaks, and they’re becoming increasingly popular at events too, such as exhibitions and conferences too. Another location where these are appreciated are in educational institutions. Giving students somewhere comfortable to chat with friends or read in study rooms/libraries, they make a useful and smart looking option.


As well as these locations, our natural sofas remain a favourite with clients working in the hospitality sector too, including cafes and restaurants. Part of the reason this range has such wide appeal is because of their combination of comfort features and the attractive design. The natural fabric is top quality, while the light finish is modern and helps bring light into any location. They look just as good in cafe areas, exhibition cubicles, hotel receptions and your home office too!

Time for a coffee break?

Although sofas are twinned with relaxation, a sofa can be at the heart of many other activities too, such as networking, meeting and catching up with work. So, in addition to supplying space to unwind at conferences, exhibitions and meetings they also provide a location to do some work too. When you’re looking for sofas that might be used in this way, then you’ll likely be interested in matching tabling to.


Our walnut coffee tables are a very classy option, that really brings out the smart side of our natural fabric sofas, making a great exhibition, corporate conference/reception team. When you’d like a more informal look, then our oak coffee table is another fantastic option. Its bold, square shape is modern, while the finish complements the sofa’s fabric very well.

Weight 35.00 kg
Height 660 mm
Width 1500 mm
Depth 850 mm

We’d like to hire more sofas, but don’t have the room, what other soft seating do you have?

You might like our black cube seating, which can be used in combination with all our sofas. the don’t take up as much room and are very versatile.

Do you have other sizes available?

Yes we also stock the larger three seater.

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